Rally Off

October 30, 2010

Just how big was the Stewart/Colbert rally yesterday? Way bigger than Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor,” according to the same company commissioned by CBS to count both. There were around 215,000 people there yesterday, compared to 87,000 at Beck’s.


October 30, 2010

Check out the painting I just bought on Ugallery(a little present for myself)! This painting is featured in the November 2010 InStyle on page 250!

Combustion By AK Daves



October 28, 2010

Meteorologists at San Angelo, Texas’ KLST station recently discovered a massive penis of thunderstorms preparing to barrel through west Texas and penetrate its tip into Mexico.

Lil’ JLo

October 21, 2010

JLo and her adorable kids in the new campaign for Gucci’s children line.  Too cute!


October 12, 2010


October 10, 2010

New McQueen.  I die!

Images from the Chanel fashion show.  Gorgeous!

via The Sartorialist