September 25, 2010

New fragrances by Joya.  LOVE the packaging.


Dolla Dolla Bills Yall

September 24, 2010

You think they debated if Cristal or Dom Perignon is better?  Dom, obvi.

Mad Men

September 22, 2010

More guys need to dress like this.

My Bedroom

September 21, 2010

One day…


September 20, 2010

Fruit Head

September 14, 2010

I wouldn’t consider myself a morbid person, but I find these so great!  I do love fruit…and I am Japanese (who plays more with their food than the Japanese?), maybe that is why I love these so much.

By dimitri tsykalov

Marry Me?

September 13, 2010


September 10, 2010

I will be here tomorrow! Costa Rica!

Didn’t I My Dear

September 9, 2010

Really diggin’ this song right now.

Instant Happy

September 9, 2010

Google Instant you rock my world!