Power Girl

June 19, 2010

Great article about my new idol, Sheryl Sandberg, in Vogue.  She is the current COO of Facebook, helped build Google in a money-making-machine. worked for Larry Summers at the Treasury..and she is only 40 years old!

In the corporate world, Sandberg presses for progressive policies, especially for women. Without her, it’s unlikely that Google (or Facebook or other tech companies that want to compete with them for top talent) would have put together its trendsetting child-care programs, maternity-leave policies, or preferred parking places reserved for expectant women (the day I visited the company, a mom-to-be from business development had parked a purple Corvette official Indy 500 pace car in one of the spots). But when she’s asked about such seemingly liberal maneuvers—her insistence that Google’s India office be set up with all the privileges of the American headquarters—Sandberg contends that it’s just sound business. “That was a long-run bottom-line decision,” she says. “Turnover for companies in India can be more than 100 percent per year. We heard horror stories of whole floors quitting. So we didn’t do night shifts, and we gave everyone stock and benefits and free food, all the things we do everywhere else. And the turnover’s the lowest we know of—by far. People don’t leave!”


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