Seven on Seven

March 15, 2010

Who ever said programmers aren’t artisitic…?  Well, I guess The New Museum in NYC thought they lacked visual talent so they decided to pair seven programmers with seven artisits to create something for the upcoming exhibiit , Seven on Seven.

Here are all seven pairings:
Artist / Technologist
Cao Fei / Jeff Hammerbacher (Facebook)
Evan Roth / Joshua Schachter (Delicious)
Aaron Koblin (made Radiohead’s “House of Cards” video using no cameras) / Matt Mullenweg (WordPress)
Monica Narula / Andrew Kortina
Ryan Trecartin / Hilary Mason
Tauba Auerbach / Ayah Bdeir
Marc Andre Robinson / David Karp (Tumblr)

For example, Schachter and Roth created an open-source software to analyze graffiti tags.


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