Too Sexy

February 7, 2010

Oh Michael Cera, you can do no wrong.  Even while imitating Burt Reynolds, you’re still one sexy beast.

I can’t stand the way the waiters at CPK act when you order a Coke. They say, “Hey, you’re back.” I say, I’m Back in Black, baby. They say, “BBQ chicken pizza, no cilantro, no red onions?” I say, Bingo was his name-o. Let’s do a cup of the tortilla soup tonight, too. They say, “And to drink?” I say, How ’bout a nice Coke? “Is Pepsi alright?” Um, if Pepsi were all right, don’t you think I would’ve said, Let’s make it a nice Pepsi? Hey guys, Pepsi isn’t all right. So stop asking. Why don’t we make it an Arnold Palmer and quit playing games with each other? Who needs the hiccups, anyway? -From Cera’s Blackbook Interview


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