Jeremy Pham = Idiot

December 1, 2009

This just made my day!  The word “AMAZING” doesn’t even begin to describe Jezebel’s article on Dartmouth exchange student, Jeremy Pham.  Pham is currently studying at Wellesley College and supposedly hasn’t had the experience he quite imagined…

Here are a few excerpts, but please, do yourself the favor and read the article.  I promise, you’ll be entertained.

Proving that douche-y idiots are everywhere is Jeremy Pham, a male student at Wellesley College – alma mater of Hillary Clinton, among other notables – whose recent misogynistic outburst started a minor firestorm – and may have gotten Pham expelled.

Aside from the misogynistic rage Pham has been harboring, he also displays a fundamental confusion as to whether Wellesley girls are “whores” or too picky. I suppose he means they are whores because they aren’t interested in him – or his average-height friends. It’s actually rather uninspired. Lacking anything better to criticize, he goes the “slut” route, which is always odd when the general complaint is that he feels neglected. And this is just one example of just how shockingly un-self-aware this guy is. Probably the funniest – read: crappiest – bit is when he speaks to the “sense of entitlement” at Wellesley, while bemoaning the fact that his “friend” didn’t get any during his visit from MIT. While it’s obvious what he feels entitled to (sex for him and his buddies) I’m not sure what Wellesley girls are supposed to be demanding. Perhaps the right to choose who to fuck? Those whores!

Take a minute to let that sink in. Pham was only calling a group of 2,300 women whores because he was hoping they would band together to stop rape. The only thing I find hilarious about this whole fiasco is that Pham actually thinks someone will believe his “I was just trolling” bravado and congratulate him for his bravery. Sex and the Ivy astutely compares Pham’s sudden change of tune to a horrible plot twist, borrowed from the school of M. Night Shyamalan. A few hours later, he realizes that people actually read his Facebook status, and so he issues another “apology” for threatening to penetrate his haters with daggers (you can read it here; I’m getting sick of quoting this guy). This apology is somewhat better, although after all that he has already said, it’s impossible to take it seriously. This is only reinforced by his Facebook update the following day:

Jeremy Pham thanks his friends and appreciates the outpouring of support from all people all across the nation. I have never been prouder to be a Dartmouth student. Thanks ACLU. Jeremy Pham also wonders just how the orgy of cattiness will proceed. Jeremy Pham also thanks Kerry and her friends for the death threats.

In case it wasn’t already clear, calling a group of women catty whores is not exactly the best way to get them to sleep with you, or even to build some sort of activist “community.” It may also have gotten him expelled from the exchange program. According to a tipster, Pham “is no longer at Wellesley,” and was recently escorted out of his room. This has not been verified, but the Wellesley student reports that Pham could be facing possible suspension from Dartmouth for violating the honor code and “using obscene language that suggests sexual harassment.”

Note: His profile pic was of him and Tucker yeah...quality.

Oh Jeremy Pham, you came to Wellesley as a 20-year-old virgin, I regret to inform you that you’ll probably remain one for years to come…


3 Responses to “Jeremy Pham = Idiot”

  1. Poison Apple said

    Ok, this guy is a complete jackass. If he’s supposedly so smart then all he would have had to do was say nothing and walk away.

    As a guy I sort of feel sorry for him since he is the only male on campus…I know I would feel really lonesome for some male companionship at the end of a day. He’s still only one man surrounded by 2000+ members of the opposite sex, gender barriers will present themselves more prominently in that environment. Alas, he’s still an idiot. He deserved what he got. It probably for the best that he left.

  2. dumdedum said

    correction…he’s not the only male on campus. there are TONS of male employees around campus, and actually other male students. it’s just him that stays in the dorms in wellesley at the moment.

  3. adrizella said

    not true. there is at least one other guy living in wellesley’s dorms.

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