Golf, Finally an Olympic Sport!

October 10, 2009

Golf has been voted in as an Olympic sport starting with the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. Here is the reaction from PGA TOUR players and other pros after hearing Friday’s news.

TIGER WOODS (U.S.): “I think it’s great for golf. It’s a perfect fit for the Olympics, and I think we are all looking forward to golf getting into the Olympics. … We as golfers have never had it, so this will be a new experience for golfers who get to participate in the Olympics. Having talked to other athletes who have gotten a chance to experience the Olympics, they have absolutely loved it and had the greatest time.”

RYO ISHIKAWA (Japan): “As a golfer, I am honored. By having golf be a part of the Olympics, golfers will be more interested in the Olympics, and then sport of golf will get noticed more as well. I am looking forward to playing golf in the Olympics.”

PHIL MICKELSON (U.S.): “Everybody is very excited that golf became an Olympic sport, and we are working hard on our games so that over the next six years we are able to make the team and represent our country in the Olympics. … I think this is important for the game of golf. It’s important for the growth of the game of golf and it’s exciting what it will mean on a worldwide level for this great game. And for us to be able to showcase the game in the Olympics is a unique opportunity.”

Read more reactions here.


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