The New Trophy Wives: Asian Women

August 18, 2009

Recent article in Marie Claire.  Marie Claire, you should be ashamed of yourself.  And writer, Ying Chu, you should crawl into a hole and die, for you are a disgrace to Asian women everywhere.  Not only is your article shallow and completely based on stereotypes, your comparisons are just plain insulting.  Do you really believe this “trend” is helping global politics, economics, and the arts.  Are you kidding me?

The question should not be why successful white business men are courting Asian women, but rather why older men want younger women.  Well, isn’t is obvious?  Men are weak and cannot handle their mid-life crisis.  Instead of dealing with their emotions, they either buy a yacht or ditch their failed marriages and pick up something young and exciting.

From personal experience, Chu states, “Sure, I’m petite and was in fact born in Shanghai, but — to the shock of more than one guy I’ve gone out with — I’d rather down an icy beer and burger than nurse bubble tea and eat dumplings while massaging his back with my toes.”  Word of advice, stop dating ignorant douche bags and pick up a history book.  I’m sure you’ll learn a lot…

Check out this site for more commentary on the article.


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