L.A. Riots 17th Anniversary

April 29, 2009

Rodney King’s famous line, “Can we all just get along?” still resonates with us today.  On this day, seventeen years ago, approximately 53 lives were lost with as many as 2,000 people injured.  At the time, Los Angeles was home to the largest Korean population outside of Korea.  Koreatown was overtaken by some of the worst scenes of civil unrest in recent history. Amidst the chaos, the Korean community became a prime target of violence as the riots revealed deep-seated racial tensions in one of the most multi-ethnic cities in America.


It is interesting to think about how the incident between Rodney King and Caucasian L.A. police officers led to a vandalism of Koreatown.  Why not terrorize white neighborhoods?  Why are minorities fighting each other rather than banning together?


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